- REGIONS OF Russia -
ID Name Resource Original owner Current owner Type
158 Lake District Meat Finland Russia
160 Lapland Steel Finland Russia
161 Turku Seafood Finland Russia
375 Moscow Steel Russia Russia
377 Veliky Novgorod Meat Russia Russia
378 Murmansk Salt Russia Russia
379 Sankt Petersburg Saltpeter Russia Russia
ID Name Resource Original owner Conquered by Type
376 Kaliningrad Petrol Russia Georgia
380 Central Russia Grain Russia Georgia
381 Rostov-on-Don Seafood Russia Georgia
382 North Caucasian Mountains Petrol Russia Georgia
383 Volgograd Cement Russia Georgia
384 Ekaterinburg Clay Russia Georgia
385 Yamalia Wood Russia Georgia
386 Krasnoyarsk Wood Russia Georgia
387 Siberia Wood Russia Georgia
388 Chukotka and Kamchatka Wood Russia Georgia
389 Amur Bitumen Russia Georgia
390 Vladivostok Petrol Russia Georgia
391 Sakhalin Island Steel Russia Georgia

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