- REGIONS OF Argentina -
ID Name Resource Original owner Current owner Type
17 Buenos Aires Wood Argentina Argentina
18 Mesopotamia Cement Argentina Argentina
19 Gran Chaco Steel Argentina Argentina
20 Northwest Argentina Grain Argentina Argentina
21 Central Argentina Steel Argentina Argentina
22 North Patagonia Aluminum Argentina Argentina
23 South Patagonia Petrol Argentina Argentina
24 Tierra del Fuego Salt Argentina Argentina
33 Western Australia Clay Australia Argentina
34 Northern Territory Meat Australia Argentina
224 Jakarta Grain Indonesia Argentina
420 Pretoria and Johannesburg Rubber South Africa Argentina
421 Northern Cape Stone South Africa Argentina
422 Cape Town Cement South Africa Argentina
423 East South Africa Coast Seafood South Africa Argentina
425 Limpopo and Mpumalanga Fruit South Africa Argentina
501 Falkland Islands Saltpeter United Kingdom Argentina

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