- REGIONS OF Indonesia -
ID Name Resource Original owner Current owner Type
223 Andaman and Nicobar Islands Seafood India Indonesia
225 Java Grain Indonesia Indonesia
226 Sumatra Bitumen Indonesia Indonesia
227 Nusatenggara Islands Aluminum Indonesia Indonesia
228 Kalimantan Saltpeter Indonesia Indonesia
230 Maluku Islands Saltpeter Indonesia Indonesia
231 Papua Salt Indonesia Indonesia
288 Kuala Lumpur Bitumen Malaysia Indonesia
289 Sarawak Petrol Malaysia Indonesia
290 Sabah Fruit Malaysia Indonesia
291 North Malaysia Meat Malaysia Indonesia
292 Johor Wood Malaysia Indonesia
355 Taipei Cement Republic of China (Taiwan) Indonesia
357 Central Taiwan Salt Republic of China (Taiwan) Indonesia
358 Tainan Rubber Republic of China (Taiwan) Indonesia
458 Bangkok Clay Thailand Indonesia
459 Southern Thailand Petrol Thailand Indonesia
460 Western Thailand Fruit Thailand Indonesia
461 Northern Thailand Steel Thailand Indonesia
463 Eastern Thailand Stone Thailand Indonesia
ID Name Resource Original owner Conquered by Type
224 Jakarta Grain Indonesia Argentina
229 Sulawesi Wood Indonesia Chile

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