- REGIONS OF Greece -
ID Name Resource Original owner Current owner Type
132 South Cyprus Stone Cyprus Greece
147 Cairo Grain Egypt Greece
148 Alexandria Seafood Egypt Greece
150 Matruh Petrol Egypt Greece
151 Egypt Desert Bitumen Egypt Greece
192 Athens Wood Greece Greece
193 Thessaly Steel Greece Greece
195 Central Macedonia Rubber Greece Greece
196 West Macedonia and Epirus Meat Greece Greece
197 Peloponnese Fruit Greece Greece
198 Crete Island Salt Greece Greece
199 Ionian Islands Salt Greece Greece
200 Aegean Islands Seafood Greece Greece
393 Eastern Province Petrol Saudi Arabia Greece
399 Northern Arabia Cement Saudi Arabia Greece
400 Al-Jawf and Hail Stone Saudi Arabia Greece
487 Dubai Clay UAE Greece
ID Name Resource Original owner Conquered by Type
194 East Macedonia and Thrace Fruit Greece Turkey

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