- REGIONS OF France -
ID Name Resource Original owner Current owner Type
162 Paris Wood France France
163 Picardie and Calais Rubber France France
164 Normandy Seafood France France
165 North West France Salt France France
167 Champagne Clay France France
168 Lorraine and Alsace Fruit France France
169 Burgundy and Franche-Comte Stone France France
170 French Alpes Cement France France
171 France Mediterranean Coast Seafood France France
174 Corsica Meat France France
175 French Guiana Seafood France France
187 Hessen and Thuringen Grain Germany France
188 Rheinland Petrol Germany France
189 Baden-Wurttemberg Saltpeter Germany France
492 South West England Bitumen United Kingdom France
493 Wales Steel United Kingdom France
ID Name Resource Original owner Conquered by Type
166 Central France Cement France Spain
172 Aquitaine and Mid-Pyrenees Fruit France Spain
173 Auvergne Rubber France Spain

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